Polina was born in 1993 in Moscow and spent her childhood in Germany. She grew up amidst German, Russian and Jewish cultures. Since her school years, she had been involved in different aspects of various theatre projects.

After completing her directing studies at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts in 2018, she worked as an independent director in repertory theaters in the Russian-speaking field. In 2020/21, she moved with her family back to Germany and began her MA studies in 'Expanded Theater' at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern. Her Master's project, 'Frontstage'—a documentary piece about manhood between game and war, involving a Ukrainian and a Russian actor—was invited to the Heidelberger Stückemarkt in 2024.

Artistically, Polina is interested in the intersection of performers' identity, their roles, and the sense of presence through performative tools. Her work delves into social and political themes from personal perspectives and aims to build cultural bridges. In her creative process, she frequently applies a documentary approach. Polina collaborates with both professional actors and non-professionals.

Since 2020, she lives with her family in Heidelberg.

2010-2014 Management faculty at the Moscow Art Theatre School (Школа-студия МХАТ)
2014-2018 Theatre directing at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (РАТИ-ГИТИС-Мастерская О.Л.Кудряшова)
2021- 2023 Master program "Expanded Theater" Hochschule der Künste in Bern (Switzerland)