Cockroaches | Тараканы
family drama (the child's perspective)

by A.Varlamov and P.Babushkina

Director and stage designer Polina Solotowizki

"Cockroaches" is a story about divorce, told by a child who dreams of the family as a friendly community.
It's the 1980s in the Soviet Union: a block panel house, poverty, groceries are in short supply, but cockroaches are plenty. Cockroaches are, by conventional standards, "parasites." But in the play, the cockroaches turn out to be a family of intelligent creatures forced to flee. It is this cockroach family that will be tolerant of the main character's oddities and his dreams of becoming a writer, in cockroaches the little boy finds a model of the family he dreamed of. On some point his fantasy friendship with cockroaches reveals the painful reality.

in the long-list of the "Goldenmask festival" 2020and the "Children's weekend" program

Arkhangelsk, 2019